The Music Therapy Association of Ghana (MTAG) was established in January 2014 in Accra, Ghana. This was as a result of pioneering efforts and work by Mawuyrami Akoto who at the present time is currently the only trained music therapist in Ghana. Mawuyrami Akoto carried out a lot of work liaising with The Registrar General Department Ghana, Ministry of Health, and Department of Children and Social Welfare to have MTAG approved and established in Ghana.

MTAG is a registered company, not-for-profit organization and Non Governmental Organization limited by guarantee with registration number CGO83942014. 




The aims of the Music Therapy Association of Ghana (MTAG) is to:

  • Pioneer and develop the practice of music therapy in Ghana and West Africa.

  • Raise awareness and education about music therapy

  • Advocate and train music therapists in Ghana 




The Music Therapy Association of Ghana is a Non Governmental and not-for-profit organization.

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As music therapy is a new field in Ghana, MTAG is highly involved in raising awareness in order to pioneer and develop music therapy as a practice in Ghana, West Africa. If you wish to support the Education, Advocacy & Awareness of Music Therapy, and Training of Music Therapists in Ghana, kindly do so by clicking the button below to their donation page: 

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To donate items to the Music Therapy Association of Ghana, contact, Dr. Cynthia Briggs at cbriggs@maryville.edu

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